About Us

Starlings Volleyball City of Los Angeles provides girls from diverse lower socio-economic environments, the opportunity to play club volleyball. There are a total of 12 teams that come from neighborhoods that surround the downtown and South Los Angeles areas. We encourage teamwork, positive life skills, and academic achievement.

Starlings C.O.L.A. understand girls who are involved in sports are:

  • 92% less likely to get involved in drugs
  • 80% less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy
  • 3 times more likely to graduate from high school
  • Have a higher self esteem

Starlings C.O.L.A. exclude no girl due to financial hardship. While junior club volleyball dues around the nation are often exclusionary, Starlings club dues are dramatically minimized and girls must fundraiser part of their budget. Starlings City of Los Angeles is in its Thirteen year of operation and we service twelve teams; (3) 18 and under, (1) 17 and under, (4) 16 and under, (1) 15 and under, (2) 14 and under, and (1) 12 and under. We look forward to developing young ladies who not only pursue victory with honor, but will have a life long love for the sport of volleyball.


Trenton Cornelius
Director, Starlings Volleyball City of Los Angeles